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- is at the leading edge of conversational leadership practice in Ireland
- is exceptionally well networked nationally and globally with leading change and leadership development practitioners
- is committed to forming new partnerships and networks that make a sustainable difference

How can we best help people come together to create the future they want ?

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Delighted to have had the opportunity to pioneer this innovative work with Social Innovation Fund Ireland and the inspiring Education Projects that they support.

This represented a brave departure for a philanthropic organisation to look not just at growing the effectiveness of projects as service deliverers, but also growing their potential to influence the entire education system.

Great thanks to Michael Barron for the Report, Valerie Jackman and Ali Warner for being on the team and Mary, Martin and all at the Burren College of Art for providing the best venue, resources and support for such work that anyone could wish for.

Honoured to have been asked to host / facilitate 200 or so people at the SDG Forum at Dublin Castle last week, along with a great team – Eimear McNally, Martin Hawkes and Davie Philip.

The SDG agenda is enormously complex and challenging, and particularly challenging for governments to engage with meaningfully. It is great that so many stakeholders want to play a role in a ‘just transition’. Let’s hope that we can find ways to work together really, really well !

Last week was a good step along the path.

Reviewing 2018

Hi – very happy to say that 2018 was a great year for the Change Exploratory working with great colleagues and great clients on increasingly complex, but also critically important projects, the largest of which was the Creative Education Symposium at the Burren College of Art, looking to help shift the entire education system in a more creative direction – have a look at the video below to get a taste of what we did and the impact it had (and get in touch if you’d like to know more !!)

During 2018, we also worked with Ahead (moving towards Universal Design for Learning at 3rd Level), ALIA Europe (Authentic Leadership in Action – co-hosting a leadership retreat in Lithuania), CRNI – Community Re-use Network of Ireland, Cloughjordan Ecovillage and Cultivate, DCCAE (Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment on GPP – Green Public Procurement), GEAI (Good Energies Alliance Ireland), Genio (training and facilitating at the intersection between philanthropy and care services), ICI (Immigrant Council of Ireland – on involvement of migrants with the political system), IGBC – Irish Green Building Council (Environmental Certification for Building Professionals), IWEA (Irish Wind Energy Association on community engagement with wind energy), SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland), Southern Region Waste Management Office, SIFI (Social Innovation Fund Ireland), Teacht Aniar (on the future of Gaeltachts), Visual (contemporary art gallery and theatre in Carlow) and Xavier Dubuisson Consultants (supporting Sustainable Energy Communities in Cork and Kerry).

Busy out and happy out. Very appreciative to all to be helping move such important work in a good direction.

For a very long time, I have held a desire to update and improve my website to reflect and honour the wonderful people that I have been privileged to work with and to tell some stories that help make more visible some of that work….. and for a very long time, it hasn’t quite happened.

There are a lot of reasons why I think that is the case, that I think shed light on the nature of the work.  Here’s three to start with:

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First things first, I am delighted to be working on this with Susan Coughlan, an experienced changemaker of great integrity and playfulness.

I’ve been around this block a few times, trying to sense (or work out) what would be the most effective thing that would boost the capacity of changemakers (particularly, but not exclusively) in Ireland to bring about positive change and within that what is the best contribution I can make……

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(Sometimes there is merit in trying to keep things as simple as possible ! After years of doing this type of thing, here’s an attempt !)

1. Design and host engaging events and processes that enable the whole community to see itself in all its glorious diversity – assets, warts and all.

2. Support and encourage diverse people with diverse ideas.

3. Develop the systemic leadership abilities of leaders (i.e. start leading from a wider and more collaborative perspective)

4. Celebrate and connect

5. Repeat

Increasingly, people get that it’s all connected, that we can’t do one thing in one place without producing effects in other places (and often producing effects that we don’t mean to).

Most of my work is as a Whole Systems Facilitator, trying to do good and create the conditions where more good can be done, but you never know …..
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Deep Dive Workshop : Burren College of Art

(This workshop has unfortunately had to be deferred for unavoidable personal reasons – but we are still very excited about it and looking to re-schedule – get in touch if it feels attractive to you !)

Come and join us to do beautiful work in a beautiful place, to deepen your practice as an agent of change in a time of transition.

More and more people are accepting that we need significant change to respond to what Otto Scharmer has described as ecological, social and spiritual systemic disconnects.  We increasingly accept this need in our heads and need to consolidate our stance, to fully embed and embody the change we want to see in the world….
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ULab Event

After 13 years are so, Community & Voluntary Forums are mostly coming to an end and being replaced by Public Participation Networks, but who knows what is really happening and who is really working to make sure the good intentions of the Working Group on Citizen Engagement and Local Government are turned into reality ?  …..
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