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- is at the leading edge of conversational leadership practice in Ireland
- is exceptionally well networked nationally and globally with leading change and leadership development practitioners
- is committed to forming new partnerships and networks that make a sustainable difference

How can we best help people come together to create the future they want ?

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I’ve long had a difficulty with names and labels – they feel like an invitation to other people to stereotype and project whatever they associate with that label on to you. So, if I call myself a ‘coach’ or a ‘facilitator’, you are likely to think ‘Ah yes, I know what they are like …. […]

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. . I think we know by now that we live in interesting times – an old system is in decline and at risk of collapse and to quote Arundhati Roy; ‘Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.  On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing’. This other world is […]

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Connecting elephants

I just loved this quotation from Kenny Ausubel co-CEO and founder of Bioneers – currently being used to promote an event called ‘Being the Change’ in London this weekend : “It is no longer a matter of connecting the dots, it is a matter of connecting the elephants in the room” I don’t think it […]

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. We are at a pivotal time – we can get stuck in the doom and the gloom or we can learn to work together better and start to open up the cracks of possibility ….

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KAS stands for Knowledge, Awareness and Safety and is an education project run by the local Rape Crisis Centre in Carlow.  The KAS Cafe has become an annual event bringing together students, teachers, Rape Crisis Centre Workers and civil servants to look at both what’s working with this programme and how it can be improved. […]

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Birth of a website

I have it on good authority that birthing processes can be painful and that labour can go on a lot longer than you want it to ….

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