The Change Exploratory :

- is at the leading edge of conversational leadership practice in Ireland
- is exceptionally well networked nationally and globally with leading change and leadership development practitioners
- is committed to forming new partnerships and networks that make a sustainable difference

How can we best help people come together to create the future they want ?

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What is Change Exploratory


Everything evolves over time (or else it dies !).

The Change Exploratory started as a one person invitation to others to explore together how we do change, recognising that most change processes in the world don’t work or, at least, don’t work well.

Over the years, what has developed is a broad approach and some key partnerships.

  1.  Fearless Honesty and Groundedness – What do we really need to face ?
  2.  Convening People – Who needs to be involved ? (and especially who can we involve who is often left out ?)
  3.  Hosting Events and Processes – working with teams of wonderful others (lately particularly ) and often in wonderful places (especially )
  4. Appreciating Fresh Perspectives – being deliberately diverse, creative and eclectic in the models we use and the people we work with, making things no more complicated than necessary and no simpler.
  5. Identifying Acupuncture Points – in any system, there are places where if you apply just a bit of pressure, blockages can be freed up and energy got moving
  6. Nurturing Projects – staying available to help and support
  7. Capacity Building – developing the capacity for the work to be spread and sustained

If you would like to discuss something you would like to change and how you are approaching change, then please call Chris on 0(0353) 87 243 3691 or by e-mail to chris [at]